Welcome to Talk It Out!

We are thrilled that you are taking “Talk It Out” for a spin!  This is where you can spend time writing out your thoughts, exploring underlying issues, and expressing yourself…in other words, “Talk it OUT!”  We understand that you may feel a lot of shame, pain, and other uncomfortable feelings that are difficult to share, and we want you to have a “safe space” to express yourself.

There are various ways to express yourself within this page.  Starting at the top left, there’s a “Postcards” icon where you can create visual pictures.  This is used with the “Whiteboard” icon. You may upload your own photos or draw your own.  Once you have created your image, you may save the postcard, save the images you have uploaded, and choose what to do with them.  Creating the postcards is done on the whiteboard application, which has many different features for creation – the possibilities are endless!

Have a need to connect with others? We have created, inside of our “Chat Room” the ability to join different conversations around eating disorders!  As a person with an eating disorder, a loved one of someone with an eating disorder, or someone who’s curious, we have provider-led “Tables” for you to access and join in on the discussion.  All questions and responses are moderated and filtered through the table leader.

Finally, inside the “Safe Space” is a clock.  This Recovery Clock is designed to help you track your eating disordered recovery time.  You can start, pause, and restart your clock to help you understand your recovery process!

We also have other “pieces” to the Safe Space that we are working on for more information and accuracy for your recovery for future release.  So stay in recovery and keep on going, even when you feel you can’t!  YOU are worth it!