“Stop Being the Victim”

There are probably 1,000 things each day that we can justify our self-pity or point out the faults in others in the way that they treated us. It’s not that we make these things us, people will surely mistreat us at times because no one is perfect, in fact most people are far from perfect and they make mistakes every day. It is okay for the people in our lives to mess-up, we have to cut people a break and most importantly of all cut ourselves a break and let go of the expectation that we should never be mistreated. This thinking will only lead us into resentment for the people around us. When someone is angry at us we have to take a moment and see that they are acting out of fear and they need to experience love and understanding if they are to get better. Anger stems from fear- fear of economic insecurity, social status… etc. Basically we fear that we will lose something we have or thast we will not get something we want because we have made our serenity and happiness contingent on that something we are afraid to not have. When our happiness is contingent only on God and on our relationship with ourselves then no outside issue can disturb it. If we can love ourselves then we can truly begin to love others and not in a co-dependent way. So just for today let’s show the people in our lives unconditional love and in the face of anger, fear and resentment use love to grab hold of the fear and negativity and lay them to rest today.