Support in Recovery

Recovery cannot be successful without a support network of friends who are either in recovery or are supportive of our recovery. We will experience times in our recovery when it won’t feel worth it and we will want to give up. When we experience negative feelings it is crucial that we share our feelings with friends who will understand our struggles and be there for us. A trusted friend of mine once told me that in recovery “if you don’t share your bad feelings with someone your trouble is double”. Meaning that holding in negative emotions and trying to deal with them alone won’t work for us, it will lead us back to old behaviors as a means of coping with the stress. We have to be open and honest with our friends in recovery if we want to receive help for our problems that are sure to come up, even in recovery. When you can talk about your problems to a person who truly understands where you’re coming from, you will feel the strength of true friendship. Your new connections with your friends in recovery will be a constant source of strength and encouragement to see you through the tough times and they will be your friends to celebrate and share your happiness with in the good times. How do we build a network of trusted friends in recovery? Simple, be there for someone else when they need someone to talk to. Reach out to find other people who are also serious about their recovery and offer your friendship to grow with them in recovery. Most of all love yourself and these around you and you will begin to be an attractive friend for the people around you to trust in and to love. Instead of sitting and waiting for friends to come our way we need to be that person for someone else and reach out to others who need a friend and show compassion and love towards all no matter what.