“Divorcing Ourselves from Resentment, Fear and Anger”

In recovery it is imperative that we experience peace and positivity. Negative emotions and feelings are what keep us sick. So how do we let go or “get over” the things that bother us and make us resentful, agitated or scared? We can make a great start by understanding that other people are sick too and that nobody is perfect. It is inevitable that people, places and things will bother us in one way or another in our day-to-day lives. While we cannot control these people, places or things we can control ourselves and how we react. When we are mistreated by someone we have to pause and reflect on the fact that they are projecting their own spiritual sickness that makes them feel that they need to act in a way that has hurt us. It is also unlikely that by retaliating with our own anger or frustration they will suddenly realize how they were wrong in doing what they did. Instead we can show them love even when they don’t deserve it because we know better and we realize that they are sick and need help. When someone is angry they are projecting their fear that lies deep within them. They are afraid of either loosing something they already have or not getting something that they want and they lash out using the anger emotion in an attempt to gain some control over the situation. So just for today let’s let go of the negative emotions and replace them with tolerance, understanding and acceptance of the people, places and things in our lives