“Staying Active in Our Own Recovery”

Like a close friend whom we want to be helpful to, we need to be there for ourselves and continue to cover our bases as our recovery continues. We can do this by staying “plugged-in” to our program of recovery. As our recovery continues and we live symptom-free we will no doubt begin to feel better than we ever have before. It is crucial that we do not become passive in our recovery despite the positive side-effects that our program has done for us. We will need to continue to do the things that are working for us and stay active in our own recovery. This may sound like a bit of a drag. After all do we really need to do these things for the rest of our lives to have a successful recovery? We will surely find that the things we do for our program will become second-nature and we will begin to seek the spiritual growth that they bring us more and more. Our program will become less of a task and more of a lifestyle as we begin to reap the rewards of a healthy spiritual lifestyle. Of course problems will arise in or lives and we may become discouraged, but using our program of action we will hurtle our obstacles and they will become less and less important on our path to recovery. The notion of resorting back to our disordered behaviors will become more and more a fleeting and distant thought the longer we stay active in recovery. The message here is to keep on keeping on, rain or shine, everyday. It isn’t a task that HAS to be done but it is an approach to our journey through life that offers us a better, happier and healthier way than we had before our recovery. Just for today let’s change our perspective on the work that successful recovery demands and see this work as a proven formula for the journey of spiritual growth. Fight the good fight just for today!